When I first stumbled upon Discover Life Church, I was at a strange place in my walk of faith. I had just entered into a new relationship and was uncertain of how to do this whole “dating” thing while factoring God into the equation. I also felt ashamed. I was ashamed of having fallen so far from God during my four years of college and the six months after, and I didn’t think there was any way a church could accept me or even find one I liked in this new place.

Boy was I wrong. When I first walked through Discover Life’s doors, I was instantly welcomed. Everyone wanted to meet me and took a genuine interest in my life. I had never felt so at home at a church, and so eager to get involved. Having been involved with music in some form for most of my life, helping out with worship seemed like an easy option for me to get plugged into the community here.

One thing I’ve learned in the past few months is that there is more to worship than just sounding good. It’s about sharing an anointing from God, reaching into the hearts of the congregation. You can’t do that through sheer talent or even lots of practice. For me, worship used to be a performance, but that’s not the case at all.

Being part of this worship team has allowed me to let loose. I am able to not only use the gifts God gave me, but also grow closer to Him. Over time, I’ve become less self-conscious of what the congregation thought of me on stage because that’s not what worship is about. It’s about giving all your glory to Him. Who cares what you look like?

I’ve learned about how important it is to break out of your comfort zone in order to accomplish the purpose God has set forth for you. It’s honestly amazing to come together and make something that would otherwise be impossible without Him, and that “something” is truly beautiful. I never realized I could learn so much from something so familiar.