We walk around with hidden wounds.

Some people have pain that manifests in the physical form. Others may find strain in the metaphysical, fighting a battle within their mind. Internal lies may stay dormant for a period of time, but eventually they lead toward external acts of deception.

It is within these lies that we see our communities suffering. Our schools are becoming war zones, and our children fear for their safety.

As a result of these ongoing tragedies, our spirits are being filled with painful images, conflicting opinions, heightened emotions, and blame. We let this negative energy build up within us, and there it festers. We become accustomed to this energy. We get used to it. We are now immune.

We are immune and numb to even the most heinous of threats. Something else happens, more lives are lost, and we continue walking on. We continue breathing and blinking as if it’s a part of our story now, a part of our history.

Our complacency gives rise to a new spirit. This new spirit is vulnerable to these lies. There’s a new commanding voice that leads us into temptation; it leads us into evil.

Change won’t come without a change in spirit.

Our external circumstances will not shine without an internal light.

We won’t see better outcomes without a heavenly connection.

“Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.”

Isaiah 58:8

We smother our heavenly fires when we begin believing in the lies of this world. We must fight against the power that leads us to our own destruction, and run towards a Father who promises healing. Stop refueling your engines on negative energy, and charge yourselves with a battery that will never die. God’s energy is everlasting. Your light will always be on when you are connected to His source.

True healing is coming. Our children will become the change, but only if we lead the way. We must put Christ in the center again, and start from the beginning.

STAY connected. FIGHT for inner peace. INSTILL heavenly values into your children, ARMING them with the word of God. SEEK out truth and DESTROY any lie that the devil may speak. REBUKE your hidden wounds.

REBUKE your damaged mind.

If we are plugged into Christ’s eternal energy, then our light cannot burn out. Let your light break like the dawn out of the night sky. Healing will come, and your righteousness will lead your steps. Let the glory of God remain your guard, and let His peace manifest a change in our hearts, in our minds, and in our countries.